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MetalGhost: Kashif and the Echoes from a Past Life

By: Ali Mohammad Rizwan

MetalGhost: Kashif and the Echoes from a Past Life

What is the cost of being a polarizing superhero? Kashif Razvi is about to find out.

When university professor Kashif Razvi’s seemingly normal life is shattered by the death of a loved one, and the police quickly close the investigation without finding the perpetrator, he is forced to take matters into his own hands.

With the help of an armored suit built by his childhood friend Samir, Kashif descends into the underground world of the city gangs to find out the truth. During this journey, he finds himself involved in a war with the criminal world, serving as a superhero for the city, yet a vigilante wanted by the police.

The longer he unwillingly suits up to save the city, the more the superhero life opens the door to a host of new dark problems: the rise of sinister villains, copycat vigilantes disrupting law and order in the city, and his personal life shattering around him. The chase for the truth leads him down a rabbit hole of explosive events, and before Kashif realizes it, his life is spiraling out of control, and he must make a hard choice: to save the city or his own self?

METALGHOST takes a peek behind the cape and dives into the less glamorous aspects of the superhero life: mental health, love, grief, and family, all through the eyes of a multicultural melting pot.

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