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New Book Release!

Our newest book, MetalGhost: Kashif and the Echoes from a Past Life is on sale now! 

Also be sure to check out Shaky Quaky Jake which launched March 1, 2024! Check out our Press Release about this exciting title.

Our Books are Windows...

...into other worlds, cultures,  & lived experiences.

Reading Together

About Us

In a world rich with stories and cultures, we hope to inspire generations to look beyond their borders, embrace differences, and cultivate a sense of global community. Founded in 2021, Global Bookshelves International began with a singular, profound vision:

To support creators and readers from around the world.

Each book in our collection holds the potential to transcend mere reflection, offering not just a mirror of our own existence but a window into the lives of others. Through the pages of our authors' books, every narrative, every voice, is an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect.

We work closely with authors to publish children’s books, nonfiction books, and stories that are aimed to diversify bookshelves. By sharing these stories, we hope to learn more about each other and pave the way for greater understanding and unity.

Join us in creating a more empathic, inclusive, and compassionate global community.


Meet our Authors

Global Bookshelves International featured authors

Meet our Founder and CEO

Janan Sarwar, PharmD

Screen Shot 2024-04-23 at 9.42.40 AM.png

Janan Sarwar, PharmD, has worked in the publishing industry since 2014. Her experience spans from traditional to independent publishing. She contributed to the publishing of over 50 books. Her career began with professional titles, single and multiauthored textbooks, and currently includes children's books and memoirs.

Watch Now!
Janan x TEDxOcala 2023

Judging Your Book Covers:
What Your Bookshelves Reveal About You 

Check out this 2023 TEDx Talk where Janan reflects on how her Bengali-American upbringing in Clarksville, Tennessee led to an absence of relatable characters in the books she read as a young girl. She also explores Dr. Rudine Sims Bishop’s concept of "Windows, Mirrors, and Sliding Glass Doors," emphasizing literature's power to offer universal insights, reflect identities, and open doors to different worlds. 

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